Maids of Honour


Maids of Honour

Maids of honour (MOH) provides household and childcare training to unemployed individuals and in turn assists the candidates to find regular employment. Any employment opportunity you provide will go a long way to give hope for a better future for many families who face great challenges in their daily lives.

At MOH we also understand the heavy demands on your time as a professional. Hence our wish to partner with you to build a reliable long term working relationship. We aim to provide you with family life events assistance services as listed below:
• Housekeeping
• Nannies & maids
• Babysitting
• House sitting
• Dog walking
• Au pairs
• Gardeners

Choose your option of Sleep-in/sleep out, weekly or special one-day service. Our flexibility allows us to render a helping hand to your family whatever the need is. Be it moving assistance, accompanying your child to the doctor, picking up your child form school or late night babysitting. If you are running late, don’t panic, call MOH and we will gladly land a helping hand at an affordable price.

Our MOH guidelines for domestic workers have been developed over a number of years and drives a professional work ethic that has been proven to improve working relations and help build a mutually beneficial relationship with your employee. Our performance review templates will assist you in clarifying expectations and monitor performance gaps to help ensure satisfactory work performance. Our guidelines and related templates are available to anyone for a nominal purchase price and are included in the sourcing fee for all Domestic Assistant placements.

Mediation/conflict management

We offer mediation services to manage any conflict that may arise between you and your employee. We are here for you, make use of our service for consultation and advisory service before matters are escalated to the labour authorities. We can help you build a mutually beneficial working relationship with your employee.

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